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When I was young, my Dad always used to tell me, "you'll never make any money working for someone else." All my life, I watched him work from sun up to sun down and on the weekends, often racing to make it to my soccer games on a Saturday before they ended.

​My mom, on the other hand, always taught my sister and I to be resourceful. She had a job, just a job; sometimes 2 or 3. They paid the bills but nothing more. Her jobs were conveniently located, had health benefits and paid days off. She was at every sporting event I can remember.

 I have thought about these two totally different job scenarios for many years and always wondered how I could bridge the gap between the two extremes. How CAN we build a life around a business we love while also having time to spend with our loved ones?

 In 2016, I took a training course that completely transformed the way I view myself and others. I was about to meet myself for the first time … at age 28. After this training, I gained so much clarity on why I was the way I was, what made me tick and, most importantly, how I prefer to be spoken to. I had never thought about these things and how my preferences could be someone else's peeves.


I haven't had a very profound life riddled with hardships that I've had to overcome. I don't have a rags-to-riches story for you and I certainly don't know how to get rich quick or live out of a van on Instagram. What I do know is that I burned out way too young working your normal 9-5 job and I need to embrace my creativity through my photography. 


I've tried it Dad's way and I've tried it Mom's way and NOW, I'm gonna try it MY way.