Show Notes

Katie fleming is the 1k mom! The mission of 1K Mom is to help you start and monetize your business to make your first 1K online. I just love that branding! Katie obviously knows what she’s doing and who her audience is because this episode totally resonates with me! 

As an immigrant from Israel with two small children at home, Ally was desperately searching for a way that she could spend as much time home with them as possible. This led her down an unconventional path that resulted in self publishing e-books.

After experiencing daily panic attacks and a sense that something was missing, India quit her day job to focus on her blog and begin her life coach training

How to Become a Worldwide Jetsetter

Jen is a solo female travel blogger, who is currently working a full time job, but uses her knowledge of travel and her resourceful skills to find amazingly discounted travel prices.

How to Take Advantage of the Millenial Gig Economy

Boss-mom Shamira Azlan is a Marketing VA, marketing manager, and full time mom-trepreneur. She dives into detail about the millennial gig economy and how you should be taking advantage of it.

Living the Van Life with Always The Road

Pete and Taylor have created a life that allows them to live their truest selves every day, and while it may not always be smooth sailing, it’s the life they love to live and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Terica Wright is a life coach specializing in mindfulness and personal wellness. She spent 20 years doing training and leadership in corporate America and she never felt fulfilled.

Jenny Hale is the Military Social Media guru! Unable to serve for medical reasons, she made it her goal to help military families and veterans follow their dreams.

How to Fund Your Philanthropy as a Social Entrepreneur

DJ Dayve has been DJing in the Southwest Florida area since he was 12 years old, and he has grown his DJ business from 0 to six figures. His drive to create a successful business was not a financially-driven venture, though. David was driven to succeed for a different reason—something bigger than just himself. 

How to Make Your Music Dreams a Reality

Matt Walden is an example of someone with innate talent who also works hard and practices his craft seriously. Music is his job and not just a hobby. He manages his career like a passionate entrepreneur building his dream business. ​

Make Your 20's Feel Less Complicated with Compass Maven, Carolyn Birsky

In this episode Carolyn shares some of her struggles and advice to people in their 20’s trying to figure out their lives and careers.

From Artist to Entrepreneur: How to Turn Your Passion into a Successful Agency

Ruben Dario Vasquez, freelance filmmaker and founder of Plan A Marketing & Advertising, shares how he started out his career as an artist in NYC and why he decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship.

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