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From Artist to Entrepreneur

Ruben Dario Vasquez was born on December 17, 1986 in Laredo, Texas and was raised in Naples, Florida. He is a director, writer, and editor known for Goodbye! (2017), Brothers (2018) and Night Owls (2018). He is known for his unique camera angles and use of color to emote the feelings of his films.

Also in this episode:

  • The biggest hurdle when starting an agency (how to get clients). 5:24

  • How to overcome the fear of charging for what your work is really worth. 6:39

  • Believing in yourself and irradiating confidence. 11:08

  • Understanding the local market and positioning your company accordingly. 13:04

  • Working for free at the beginning to grow a portfolio. 19:10

  • Coping with clients who don’t appreciate your value. 20:52

  • Highlighting the subjective value of your work. 22:51

  • Advice on quitting your day job and becoming an entrepreneur. 24:05

Resources recommended: – a personalized news feed to keep you updated on trending topics.

a book by Aaron Draplin: a graphic designer shares

funny and interesting stories collected along decades

of working as a graphic designer.


How to Make Your 20's Feel Less Complicated

​Carolyn Birsky is a certified life and career coach for women in their 20s. 

  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

  • Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)

  • B.A. in Psychology, Middlebury College

Carolyn Birsky, from, didn’t know she would end up starting and thriving in her own coaching business until she was almost six years into a career in sales. Her hard work and determination have paid off and now she can confidently say she is fulfilled by her work.


In this episode she shares some of her struggles and advice to people in their 20’s trying to figure out their lives and careers.

Also on this episode:

2:23 - The roundabout journey of finding a profession you love

4:54 - Gaining credibility by recognizing your strengths and weaknesses

9:27 - How to stand out in a saturated market

15:11 - Finding the courage to make the jump to entrepreneurship

19:54 - Landing your first clients through your network

24:40 - How to start living your life on your terms

33:25 - Going through the journey despite all the hardships (“going to Montana”)

36:06 - Coming to terms with who you are and making tough choices

Resources recommended:


by Elizabeth Gilbert

Are your fears keeping you from showing your creative side to

the world? This book will help you overcome those fears and show

your magic to the world. The author, Elizabeth Gilbert, also

hosts a podcast of which Carolyn is a huge fan, especially

Season 1 Episode 12 with author Brene Brown.


by Lolly Daskal

Are your strongest leadership qualities getting in the way of

your greatness? Learn the surprising hidden threats that lie

beneath your greatness.


How to Make Your Music Dreams a Reality

Matt Walden is an example of someone with innate talent who also works hard and practices his craft seriously. Music is his job and not just a hobby. He sets himself the goal of writing a song every single day and manages his career like a passionate entrepreneur building his dream business.

Even at his young age, I think it’s fair to say that Matt has enough experience to teach us all a thing or two about life, business and passion.

You can find out more about Matt and his work at

Resources Recommended:


A free and easy to use music creation/editing app for Mac and iPhone

Voice Memo App:

Matt has hundreds of voice memos from as far back as 2012. It’s his go-to resource to capture song ideas.


  • TED Radio Hour: a journey through fascinating ideas, astonishing inventions, fresh approaches to old problems, and new ways to think and create.

  • How I Built This With Guy Raz: a beautifully edited podcast telling the stories of how entrepreneurs built their empires.

Also in this episode:

3:14 - The unexpected hurdles of following your passion: taxes, marketing and more

4:35 - Being in control vs letting someone else take over (big vs small labels)

6:27 - Matt’s authentic marketing strategy (leveraging your social circle)

7:54 - When consistency beats perfectionism (writing a song every day)

8:51 - Matt’s creative process (from poetry fragments to songs)

11:01 - Missed opportunities and what you can learn from them

12:51 - Handling self doubt (focus on the people who care about you)

15:11 - Matt’s secret to prime creative moments (it’s no miracle drug!)

18:25 - Dive in, work hard, play hard.


How to Fund Your Philanthropy

as a Social Entrepreneur

DJ Dayve began DJing at the age of 12. 14 years later, DJ Dayve has worked over 600 events for a total of over 2,400 hours of DJ playtime.

Recommended Resources:




FIOX (independent volunteers)

Effective Altruism




DJ Dayve has been DJing in the Southwest Florida area since he was 12 years old, and he has grown his DJ business from 0 to six figures. His drive to create a successful business was not a financially-driven venture, though. David was driven to succeed for a different reason—something bigger than just himself. David was inspired by an undergrad course he took a class called Intro to Public Health, where he learned about social vs. market justice. This experienced, coupled with an inspirational book, led him to his ah-ha moment…the answer was Social Entrepreneurship. 

Also in this episode:

2:20- Social Justice vs. Market Justice explained

3:00- David’s darkest point & the train trip that changed everything

5:20- Social Entrepreneurship business plan scholarship contest, and his solution to malnutrition in Guatemala

9:00- David’s start in the DJ business

13:30- How David defines success

16:50- David’s biggest hurdles

20:50- David’s trip to Greece to help refugees

28:50- What David developed for refugee refugees

31:00- The most hostile situation David experienced in Greece

38:00- David’s best piece of advice for other philanthropists

42:45- Donations and tax write-offs: how it all works.

43:45: David’s favorite tools/ resources

46:40: David’s recommendation to other entrepreneurs to take your business over six figures


The Marketing You've Been Doing All Wrong

Jenny Hale is the Military Social Media guru! Unable to serve for medical reasons, she made it her goal to help military families and veterans follow their dreams. 

Like a lot of us, Jenny runs her business as a side hustle. But, UNLIKE most of us, she has no intentions of taking it full time.

Keep your ears open because Jenny has a TON of value to share with us from how to grow your business faster to what the most untapped networking opportunity is online.

Also in this episode:

3:35 – Not being able to enlist in the military broke her heart and sparked a new passion.

5:09 – How Jenny’s entrepreneurial journey as a photojournalist solidified career.

6:25 – Actionable steps you can take to start a side business.

8:00 – The best marketing ideas for your business.

10:06 – Jenny’s favorite professional groups she uses to build her own community.

12:00 – Jenny’s biggest regrets.

17:00 – H to manage your time, content and social media.

21:00 – How much should you invest in your part time business from your full time job?

27:00 – Last words of wisdom. 

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Recommended Resources:



Adobe Photoshop


Facebook/ Facebook scheduler

Recur Post for Twitter

Hoot Suite


How to Turn Your Life Aroud

Terica Wright is a life coach specializing in mindfulness and personal wellness. She spent 20 years doing training and leadership in corporate America and she never felt fulfilled.


She stayed so long because she felt that she needed to have the stability and steady paycheck to be able to provide for her daughter as a single mom.  

Also in this episode:

2:05- Building a successful career in corporate america

2:45- Terica’s rock bottom was actually showing her the light

3:15- Physical, emotional and mental transformation. what it takes

4:30- Terica’s area of expertise

5:00- The most commonly sought after request from her clients

6:00- What a coaching session with Terica looks like.

7:30- How to get your clients to keep coming back.

10:30- Terica’s recommended tools. 

12;45- How to manage personal time vs. business time 

15:45- Terica’s regrets (or lack thereof)

17:50- How to handle toxic work environments

21:20- Terica’s offer for you. Hint: it’s AMAZING!

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Recommended Resources:

Self help/ business books




Meal prepping

Living the Van Life with Always The Road

Pete, Taylor, and their dog snoop travel the country full time in their converted sprinter van. They tell us all about how they prepared for van life, make money while traveling, AND save for retirement. 


They have created a life that allows them to live their truest selves every day, and while it may not always be smooth sailing, it’s the life they love to live and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Timestamped Show Notes

1:30- How Pete & Tay started traveling full time

4:45- What was preventing them from traveling to New Zealand

6:20- Why they chose a van instead of a 5th wheel or tiny house

8:15- How to keep your hair fresh on the road (haha!)

9:45- Hygiene on the road

11:15- How they make money on the road

19:00 How long they stay in each location

20:00- How van life expenses compare to apartment living

25:00- Millennials have a mindset shift than past generations when it comes to what we live for

28:40 Feeling unsafe on the road and how to handle it

35:45- Saving for retirement while on the road

41:25- Must have van life items

45:00- Traveling w/ a companion vs solo

46:40- Keep this in mind if you want to live the van life

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Recommended Resources:

Helio Shower


French press

Bluetooth speaker

12 volt fridge

Portable toilet

Down jacket


How to Take Advantage of the

Millennial Gig Economy

Boss-mom Shamira Azlan is a Marketing VA, marketing manager, and full time mom-trepreneur. This chat with Shamira was so enlightening for me. She really gave me hope that my goal of staying home with my daughter can become a reality. She dives into detail about the millennial gig economy and how you should be taking advantage of it, and also how to avoid loneliness by taking advantage of co-working spaces. Shamira has lovingly titled those who don’t want to become entrepreneurs themselves as “coasters”. Let’s listen in on her advice for how to overcome the unsolicited advice from the “coasters” in each of our lives.

Timestamped Show Notes

2:25- Getting started working from home

5:25- Making (more) money when you’re at home

7:00- Transitioning while scaling your online VA business

10:25- The hardest part about staying home

11:45- What it’s like to work in co-working spaces

14:15- The Millennial Gig Economy

16:15- How productive we REALLY are (hint: we’re not)

17:45- Why it’s okay if you want to coast, but don’t stand in our way :)

25:00- How to manage person vs. business time

29:00- Actionable steps YOU can take to do what Shamira does

33:00- Marketing a local beer festival

Recommended Resources:

Paid Facebook Masterminds


Co-working spaces


Google calendar 


How to Become a Worldwide Jetsetter

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Jen is a solo female travel blogger, who is currently working a full time job, but uses her knowledge of travel and her resourceful skills to find amazingly discounted travel prices. She is in the process of leaving her full time job because she has successfully been able to make money online in a way that you can too! You won’t want to miss what Jen has to say about her new career venture, as well as her upcoming travel locations. 

Timestamped Show Notes

1:30- How Jen got started traveling so much

4:40- What it’s like raveling alone

8:15- Overcoming the fear of being “taken” while abroad

10:15- How Jen has been able to travel so much while holding a full time job…as a lawyer.

12:00- Planning for a trip with limited time off from work

17:30- Travel for introverts

19:45- Jen’s best and worst trip experiences

25:50- Jen’s top recommendations to avoid travel mishaps

29:20- Other ways Jen makes money while traveling

35:00- Jen’s favorite travel tools and resources

37:00- How to get a copy of Jen’s book: The Affordable Flight Guide: How to Find Cheap Airline Tickets and See the World on a Budget

Recommended Resources:

Les Gorge Du Verdon

Whats App


Google Maps

Flight alert sites:

Jen's Book: The Affordable Flight Guide: How to Find Cheap Airline Tickets and See the World on a Budget


Why Sometimes What We Love

Just Isn't Our Calling

After experiencing daily panic attacks and a sense that something was missing, India quit her day job to focus on her blog and begin her life coach training. Listen in on how India quit her day job without any money saved up and why she says you shouldn't let that stop you from leaving a job that makes you miserable. 

Recommended Resources:

Timestamped Show Notes:

  • 5:00- Stress, anxiety, and panic attacks forced India to transition away from her passion

  • 7:45- Preparing for the job transition

  • 9:30- Actionable steps your can take to do what India is doing

  • 12:15- India’s blog monetization journey

  • 15:30- Training to be come a life coach

  • 16:25- Work on projects because of how they make YOU feel, not JUST what people will pay you for

  • 17:40- Goal planning & setting w/ Danielle Laporte

  • 19:35- Feeling what YOU want to feel vs how you THINK you should feel.

  • 22:00- India’s top tools and resources

  • 28:00- Words of wisdom for anyone wishing to become a life coach, start a blog, etc.

  • 34:30- Pushing beyond your comfort zone


How to Self Publish Your First E-Book

As an immigrant from Israel with two small children at home, Ally was desperately searching for a way that she could spend as much time home with them as possible. This led her down an unconventional path that begins with...teaching cooking classes...


This eventually led to her first attempt at publishing a book, which she soon discovered was not as easy as she hoped. After a series of mishaps and reality checks, Ally successfully self published her first book, which went on to be an amazon #1 best seller and sold over 40,000 copies in less than 5 months! 

Recommended Resources:

Timestamped Show Notes:

1:20- How Ally stumbled into e-publishing

3:20- How Ally can help you publish your e-book

6:00- How ghost writing can fast-track your book

7:25- What you’re doing wrong when writing your book

10:30- How to be proactive in getting your book in front of others

12:30- Ally’s recommendations for overcoming your hesitations

16:00- Basic tools you need for writing a book

18:25- What you can expect from joining a writer’s group online

20:15- Ally doesn’t have any regrets…and for good reason.

22:40- Time management tips for balancing personal and business time while working from home.

25:00- Ally’s FREE book outline for you, as well as a 15-minute phone call with her to break down your barriers and start on your path toward publishing your book!


How to Make Your First $1k Online

Katie fleming is the 1k mom! The mission of 1K Mom is to help you start and monetize your business to make your first 1K online. I just love that branding! 

After listening to her episode, head over to her website to book your FREE 30 minute discovery call with Katie. 

Resources Mentioned:

  • Canva

  • Asana

  • Evernote

  • Facebook Live

  • Instagram Stories

  • Pinterest

  • Episode 25- 1K Mom Podcast

  • “Crushing It” by Gary Vaynerchuck

Timestamped Show Notes:

1:20- How Katie can help Moms start and monetize their business

5:00- Katie’s view on whether or not Coaches should be certified

8:00- Katie’s area of expertise- helping you framework your ideas

10:30- How Katie balances her personal and professional time while working from home

11:45- Katie’s podcast: The 1K Mom Podcast

14:30- Katie’s favorite tools & resources

17:45- How to know which of your ideas to take action on

20:00 How to get clients and book discovery calls

20:45- How Katie uses her podcast to grow her Facebook group

22:30- If you want to start a podcast…listen up!

26:30- Why Katie has no regrets

27:30- What you can expect from a discovery call with Katie.